5 Great Mini Cigars

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Cigars

Cigarillo, demi-tasse, mini, petit, short panatela. Small cigars. Though they can’t take the place of your favorite, full-size stogie, one of these mini cigars is perfect when you just don’t have the time to savor your favorite cigar.

Luckily, cigar manufacturers offer a variety of premium, handmade mini models. Today we look at five of the best.

Arturo Fuente Exquisito Natural

For more than a century, Arturo Fuente has represented quality cigars. Handmade in the Dominican Republican, the Exquisito uses the same tobacco as the Fuente Hemingway using medium filler instead of long filler. This difference causes the cigar to heat more quickly, so practice a bit to get the best performance.

The Exquisito is a short panatela measuring 4.5 x 33 with an average smoke time of 25 minutes.

Cohiba Black Pequenos

Cohiba debuted in Cuba before production moved to the Dominican Republic, going on to become one of the United State’s most popular brands. The Pequenos features a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and long filler, making this a full-bodied smoke with hints of caramel, chocolate, and black cherry. Available in a tin of six cigarillos for about the same price as a single Cohiba Black Robusto.

The Pequenos measures 4.1 x 36 with an average smoke time of 20 to 30 minutes.

Davidoff Demi-Tasse Cigarillo

The mild, refined Davidoff Demi-Tasse is one of the smallest handmade cigars in the world, yet still contains long filler tobacco, giving you the smoking experience of a premium cigar. This is a full, rich smoke that goes well with your morning coffee.

The Demi-Tasse cigarillo measures 4 x 25 with an average smoke time of 10 minutes.

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection #5

Consistently ranked as one of the best scoring cigars, the Timeless comes in two blends – Nicaraguan and Dominican. The hand-rolled, long filler mini is a pleasantly creamy smoke, slightly sweet with hints of nuts, leather, and hay.

The Timeless measures 3.75 x 43 with an average smoke time of 30 minutes.

Partagas Black  Label Prontos

For over 150 years, Partagas cigar masters have created full-bodied smokes. The Pronto continues the tradition, packing lots of body into its mini, long filler, hand-rolled body. Probably because the Pronto is a miniature version of its full-sized counterpart, with hints of chocolate and espresso.

The Prontos measures 4.2 x 36 with an average smoke time of 25 minutes.

Light Your Minis

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