How did Cuba become the Gold Standard of Cigars?

Even people who do not smoke cigars know Cuba's reputation as the go-to country for cigar aficionados. The country's legend only grew after the trade embargo went into effect in 1962. After a time, that forbidden fruit aspect seemed to feed into the myth of the Cuban...

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5 Myths about Alcohol Debunked

As the most widely used drug on the planet, just about everyone you know has a crazy alcohol story. It's no surprise then that lots of myths have gone up around it. Sometimes, the myth contains a grain of truth. Most of the time, though, it started as a bit of...

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Beginner’s Guide to Wine

You face a long row of wine bottles and feel panic setting in. You have no idea what the difference is between a cabernet sauvignon and a Shiraz. Reaching the end of the aisle, you peek around the other side only to see that it is also full of wine bottles....

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5 Great Mini Cigars

Cigarillo, demi-tasse, mini, petit, short panatela. Small cigars. Though they can't take the place of your favorite, full-size stogie, one of these mini cigars is perfect when you just don't have the time to savor your favorite cigar. Luckily, cigar manufacturers...

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Growler Safety

With the quick growth in growler popularity, understanding proper cleanliness methods for the containers helps ensure you enjoy your favorite draft beer in a safe manner. Follow this advice if filling growlers yourself, such as with home brewing, but also ensure any...

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How to Serve Wine | The Ultimate Guide

It may sound pretentious, but in reality, how you serve wine truly affects the wine's taste and flavor. It begins with the wine's temperature; too cold or too warm mutes or dulls the flavor or imparts a bitterness the vintner never intended. Decanting the wine is...

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