Cigar Flavors

Flavor plays a big role in how a cigar tastes , and every smoker has his or her favorites. Part of what makes a cigar a good pairing with your favorite beverage is its flavor. You do not want these tastes to clash. Classifications such as strong and mild describe the...

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A 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe

Archeologists in the Shaanxi province of China discovered proof that the Chinese began brewing beer at least 5,000 years ago. What's more, the find proves that ingredients and brewery methods changed little in the intervening millennia. You know what they say: if it...

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Beer: The Healthier Alternative

Get ready for some good news, everyone! The research is in. Beer, when consumed in moderation, provides numerous health benefits to the drinker. What type of benefits? Studies prove lower risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, and even cancer....

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The Best Single Malt and Blended Scotch Whiskies

Is it whisky or whiskey? Is it bourbon, scotch, or rye? There seem to be myriad types of whiskey (whisky when you are talking about scotch). Each type is different based on its ingredients, the aging process, and its region of origin. Whiskies made in America and...

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The Best Cigar and Liquor Pairings

Choosing the Perfect Drink to Enjoy With Your Favorite CigarIt is an iconic visual in so many films: in the hero's left hand, a cut crystal glass with two fingers of a golden amber liquid, in his right, a smoldering cigar. It is a scene you have repeated yourself, but...

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Top-Notch Cigar Shop in Gilbert

What's the Closest Cigar Shop to My Location in Gilbert, AZ? Still looking for a fantastic cigar in or around Gilbert, Arizona? Your GPS device or smart phone may not have the latest and greatest info on the best cigar shop near you. Look no further than Quick N Shine...

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