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What is the current state of your car saying about you ?

Quick N Shine CarwashTake a moment to look at your car right now. Go ahead and take a look, we’ll wait. How did it look? Was it dirty or was it shiny and clean? Did you park it under a that tree that’s dropping stuff all over it. Perhaps it rained recently and now your car is covered in dirt spots and smudges (we know, it’s annoying, especially if you just recently had your car cleaned). Or maybe it’s just been a long time since your last visit to the local car wash.

Having a clean car can say a lot about you, the person who is driving the car. Think about the last time you drove to a friends house or had to valet park your car at a local restaurant. Have you ever been so embarrassed of your filthy car or had to make excuses as to why your car is so dirty to justify why you haven’t visited a car wash lately. Chances are, you were overdue for a car wash. And with an awesome car wash service available in Gilbert, AZ for as little as $3.00, there just isn’t any excuse.

Having a clean car is not only important to protect the paint on your vehicle but it also presents a certain pride of ownership that says to everyone, “I care about my car”. If you are not visiting a car wash on a regular basis to keep your car shiny and clean, people can start to get the wrong idea about you. You certainly don’t want to be “that person” who always has a filthy car.

A clean car can also affect how you feel toward driving your car and sets the tone for your trip no matter where you’re headed. Remember the last time you drove away from car wash in Gilbert or Chandler, AZ? I bet you were proud to be seen in your vehicle at that moment. Driving your car just feels so much better when it’s clean and presentable, doesn’t it?

At Quick N’ Shine Car Wash we understand your need to have a clean car. Whether you just recently had a bird leave a an unexpected present or you just need a quick rinse to bring your car back to it’s original shiny state, we’re here for you! That’s why we pride ourselves in being the best car wash Gilbert, AZ. We offer the best car wash in your area for an affordable price – from $3.00 for our express wash all the way up to our Lava Bath!

After you get your car nice and squeaky clean, you can fill up with premium Shell Gas to really get ready for your trip. Now that you have a clean presentable car after having your car washed at Quick N’ Shine car wash Gilbert AZ, it’s time to hit the open road and see where your car takes you. An adventure perhaps? Where ever you are headed, safe driving and we’ll see you the next time you need your car washed.

Ask your phone for a “$3 car wash near me” and if you’re in Gilbert or Chandler, AZ, it should tell you right away to head for Quick N Shine Car Wash!

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